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Mr. Gas Pipe character( old white man with glasses, wearing a yellow long sleeve shirt with sleeves rolled up, wearing blue overalls and purple sneakers, walking and smoking a joint while throwing up a peace sign)


a Week

Mr. Gas Pipe character(old white man with glasses) in between the words Gas and Pipe

Your Peace, Love, &
Smoke Headquarters

Our Products
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Whether you are seeking the most cost efficient basic pipe, the highest quality exotic variation, or the most contemporary smoking instrument available, The GAS PIPE is your place for pipes. Regionally blown glass is very popular, however imported glass is the choice of others. And the list of our pipes goes on and on: water, hand, metal, acrylic, wood, stone, ceramic, meerschaum, ash catchers, bubblers, bowls, bats, hookahs, shisha. After all, our last name is PIPE! 

Our Brands
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Smoke Um...
Cause We Got Um!

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Mr. Gas pipe character(older white male with glasses dressed in long sleeved yellow shirt with rolled up sleeves and blue overalls with purple sneakers) sitting on a wooden bench at a make shift computer made out a cardboard box with one side of the box laying flat with computer keys on it, a picture frame and candle inside of it, a abacus on top of the cardboard box, a calendar on the left side hanging up, stacks of papers underneath the computer and off to the side, and holding a animal mouse in his right hand as a computer mouse, being held up by a make shift table constructed by cut off branches, with a yellow and red smoke background.
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Online Shopping... You Know It!

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Mon.-Sat. 10am-10pm

Sun. 10am-9pm

Garland Texas, location that looks like a gas station




Mon.-Sat. 10am-10pm

Sun. 10am-9pm

Fort Worth Texas, location that looks like a restaurant




Mon.-Sat. 10am-10pm

Sun. 10am-9-pm

skillman st. Dallas Texas, location that looks like a business
Northwest Highway Dallas Texas, location that looks like its in a strip center




Mon.-Sat. 12pm-10pm

Sun. 12pm-9pm

maple ave. Dallas Texas, location that looks like an old business




Mon.-Sat. 10am-10pm

Sun. 10am-9pm

"Staff are friendly and they gave me great options for rolling my own cigarettes. Store has a lot of goodies!"

Timberly Williams

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